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Commercial Property Maintenance


DPR Contracting


DPR Contracting provides a wide range of comercial services to property managers

Some of the services offered include:

Line Striping, Car Stops, Traffic Signs

Crack Seal

Seal Coat

Asphalt Repair

Concrete Repair

TPO Membrane Roofing Repair

Parking Lot Lighting, Maintenance and Upgrades

Storm Drains and Dry Wells


Snow Removal


Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning

Servicing Eastern Washington


Line striping is

Parking lot striping is important in providing good traffic control and creates a clean inviting appearance to the facility.

Asphalt Maintenance

Crack seal as well as asphalt

Asphalt repair is critical to client safety. trip and falls are costly on insurance and  are an issue with commercial property. Maintaining the lot will prolong the life of the lot as well as its safety and appearance.

Lot Sweeping


Lot sweeping removes debris that can degrade the surface of you parking area.

Parking lots are expensive to replace and on going care can substancialy increase the life of the lot.